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rocknrollallnitepartyeveryday asked: Uh I really really love him soooo damn fucking much more period always and forever.

Same here. I love Dave Gahan and a lot.

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rippergiles asked: I'm not sure about "best" but my faves are Snow Cake, Galaxy Quest, Love Actually, Dogma, and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Very nice :)

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Name 5 best Alan Rickman movies?

Send me a message on my tumblr if you want to talk :). I will reply to you. I miss talk with Rickmaniacs :(


Name 5 things you like about Alan Rickman?

Can you?

Ships you like

reblog just writing an “x” on the “()”

example: Snarry (x)

Snamione: ()

Snarry: ()

Hinny: ()

Romione: ()

Harmony: ()

Snatrix (Snape/Bellatrix): ()

Snatonks (Snape/Tonks): ()

Snarcisa (Snape/narcisa): ()

Narcisa and Lucius: ()

Bellatrix and Rodolphus: ()

Remus and Tonks ()

Snape and Minerva: ()

Jily: ()

Snily: ()

Neville and Luna: ()

Scabior and Hermione: ()

Tom Riddle and Hermione: ()

Sirius and Hermione ()

Sirius and Remus ()

Lucius and Snape ()

Anything else, lol?

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What if our life it’s just a long long dream and we can’t wake up?

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Anonymous asked: 5 things I like about Alan Rickman? 1. Voice 2. Voice 3. Voice 4. Face 5. Voice

very nice

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Name 5 things you like about Alan Rickman?


Anything, but never a coward.




Pictured: A portrait given to the Snapes for their wedding that hangs in their home // Artist: Lumos

One of my favorite portraits of Severus and me. It was given to us as a wedding present from Draco and Astoria, then-girlfriend-now-wife. I often have to pause when passing it in the hallway, just to admire it for a moment.



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