An identification chart of 42 North American butterflies.

By artist Eleanor Lutz. You can find the full sized GIF here or pick up a poster for your room here.

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Prob sounds silly but I think there are some misterious things, around our lives.

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Post five random things about yourself then pass it along to ten of your favorite or new followers. I was tagged by saffronmonsoon.

  1. I like ANY kind of food - I’ve never not like anything…try me?
  2. I’m really bad at holding grudges which I guess is a good thing
  3. I would NEVER die my hair…

1 I like to look for pictures on internet, crazy ones with a concept behind (deviantart is the best for that), black and white, bodies, random houses in a random landscape.
2 I have a fetiche with black underwear. I think is sexy and most of my panties are black
3 I love mashed potatoes <3
4 I fucking love yogurt but not the yogurt ice cream.
5 I love to sleep. I prefer sleep than do something else (even eat, unless my gastritis kills me and ask me for food). (Probably that is why I have gastritis and because I stress myself).

And I dont know how to tag people (feels loser). So anyone can reply to this post :P

Looking for beta

Anyone can help me to improve my english for some spanish ss/hg fanfics I wrote and wanna translate? Please? Any help? :(

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Looking for Potterheads and Rickmaniacks, or anyone interested :)

For a fun chat on whatsapp. If anyone has whatsapp and wants to add me ;), send an inbox to my blog. I want to talk to everyone :)!!!

Hello dear, “When you get this, give 5 facts about yourself and pass this on to 10 of your favourite followers.”:)
1- I cry when I get sick and I have to throw up.
2- I think black color is sexy.
3- I am a nervous person but somehow, horror movies does not scare me at all.
4- I dream with a day where I can write my own book.
5- I love bunnies and yogurt, so so much.
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I would love to follow and meet more people that loves to write. Writing is the best thing you can do, the most awesome thing on this planet.

Fanfiction authors. We understand each other. 😊

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Life isn’t fair…


Yep…just give me everything….

And yes…I’m so fucking obsessed with this guy :).

“”I’m sure I overact wildly. And cackling. It’s fun to cackle.” 

ratchetsincelikeforever answered: will you ever go back on twitter?

Probably. Let the things with my health settle and the things with the alzheimer of my mom also. I need to put her in a new rest place and I need to rest of family, her, my illness, etc.

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You see what I did there? :)

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