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Snape sketch or something and i forgot the sign :O

Reblog if you love Alan Rickman’s voice

Sometimes I ask myself: Why I like Severus Snape so much? But I think i always get the same conclusion.

He is one of the best characters ever made, also with Dart Vader. They are so us, so human after all, even with all their powers and non real stuff (light sables, force, magic and spells). They experience stuff that happens to us too and they must make hard decisions like every human on this planet. Well, obviously that we don’t kill our partners if they are on a difficult situation, but it opens my mind to the idea of asking myself: What I would do in the same situation? Would I kill my partner, to avoid him or her, the stress of this situation? (in the case of Vader) or ask myself: Would I protect the child of the woman I used to love, even if isn’t mine, in the search of forgiveness? I find them very well made and also very relatable to people like us, if they were real.

In occlumency, Snape removes three memories from his mind to put them on the penseive. If we only saw one with his past about Lily and himself calling her mudblood by "accident" (or no), wondering about the other 2 memories :O

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xpolyjuicepotion said: Thank you so so much sweetness:) this is really beautiful<3<3 xxx// I am glad you liked my answer in the 10 things I like about me. Was not sure of what to say. Bunny hugs and love!

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I love the new look of Alan Rickman

Super sexy Alan

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themayorshuntswoman said: // Erm…Not any of the ones that you’re picturing and hoping for.

I am not picturing any rol pairing or any idea. I just want to roleplay as Severus Snape. Any idea is welcome

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10 Things I like about me, asked by xpolyjuicepotion (was that the question on messages?) :O

1.- My green eyes.

2.- That I am a good friend and once you are friend of mine, you end stucked with me till something happens (sometimes I am too naive and I am too friendly).

3.- My sweetness. Will sound selfish but I love it and I love to be sweet and help people (naive for this too).

4.- My love for Hp. That isn’t even something important (?)

5.- My ass. Always looking good on jeans.

6.- My taste for music.

7.- My taste for clothes and colors. Is something that is enterely mine and I am proud of it.

8.- My stupid sense of humor because helps me to make jokes to cheer people up and write fics because of my creativity (aquarius sign says that we are, anyways).

9.- My wishes of not giving up because even If Iam scared, even if it’s so difficult for me, I still try the damn thing or situation.

10.- My values per sé. I love to clean and cook, do my homework, help people, etc etc.

Gals that are nice with me :) all the time.

bestcupischipped and xpolyjuicepotion

Sending bunny love and hugs!